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We’ve invested heavily to make sure your wheel alignment or tyre fitting appointment is the best it can be

Our Hunter tracking machine and wheel alignment equipment is some of the best in the business – so you’ll never receive a higher-quality wheel alignment or tyre fitting appointment than with Sacriston Auto Services LTD! We have multiple ramps at our garage in Durham, as well as spacious facilities and a desire to provide excellence and quality in everything we do. This all goes hand in hand to provide the honest, professional and expert services we’re well known for. So, the next time you need your wheel alignment fixed or a tyre fitting appointment, choose Sacriston Auto Services LTD.

Here’s when to book yours

Wheel alignment and tyre fitting can sometimes go hand in hand. When one is off, the other can easily be affected as well. If you ever notice your car pulling to one side, a strange vibration in the steering wheel, low tyre tread, frayed rubber or other damage, an appointment with Sacriston Auto Services LTD could benefit you. Let our expert mechanics inspect your car and help fix your problem affordably and, most importantly, quickly.

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We’ll always get you back on the road as quickly as we can

You should never have to put your life on hold longer than is absolutely necessary. Our mechanics work tirelessly to fix your wheel alignment or complete your tyre fitting as quickly as possible. However, we’re not just happy to take your money and send you on your way. We want the best for you and your car, so if we find additional safety issues, we’ll discuss a suitable repair plan with you to fix those faults as well. Due to our efficiency, why not wait in our onsite waiting room and enjoy refreshments and free WIFI while we work?

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Speedy wheel alignment and tyre fitting is all well and good but if it takes you far too long to book your appointment then what’s the point? Well, our online booking tool is available 24/7 and offers a quick, simple and completely free booking process. Just enter your registration number, whether you require a wheel alignment or tyre fitting appointment and when you’d like this to be. After that, we’ll be in touch to confirm your appointment and sort out all the details. As an added bonus, you’ll never enter any payment details until after all the work has been completed, so you’ll only ever pay for what you’ve actually received.

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